Want to cancel your MEET? Don't want to attend the scheduled MEET? That's okay. You can check out these steps to understand how you can Cancel: 

  • Visit meet.quicko.com 
  • Click on Sign In and log in with the email you had placed the order with.
  • Click on the MEET avatar [next to your Email-ID] on the top right corner of your screen 
  • Click on Your Orders. This will direct you the Order History page. 
  • Click on View Order details of the MEET you wish to cancel. This will take you to the Order summary. 
  • Click on Cancel. 
  • There will be a dialog box; click on Yes to confirm or click on Cancel, if you want to cancel the action. 
  • There will be a second prompt with the Refund amount that you are entitled to. Please click on Continue if you wish to cancel your order. 
  • You will receive a confirmation on the MEET app and via Email as well. 
We do not allow Cancellation on the same day but however, if you still wish to cancel, you will not be entitled a refund. Hence, if you wish to cancel, you will have to do it before the day of the scheduled MEET.

Read more about MEET terms of use.