To make the most out of your MEET with a tax expert we advise you to keep all the documents ready before joining the meet. We have provided below a list of documents for your reference (not exhaustive)

List of documents
  1. Form 16 (If Applicable)

  2. Form 26AS: Guide to download Form 26AS

  3. PAN Details : Name, Date of Birth and Father's Name

  4. House Property: Address of the property with pin code and Property Tax Bill with challan, Co-owner details (if any)

  5. House Property (LOP): Name and PAN of Tenant, Co-owner details (if any), Total rent receipts

  6. House Property Loan: Interest certificates/repayment certificate from Bank

  7. Capital Gains: Statements of Mutual Funds, Crypto and Securities Trading Income (if broker not integrated with Quicko)

  8. Aadhaar Details: Aadhaar Number, Address with PIN code

  9. Bank Account Details: Name of Bank, IFSC code, Account Number and Account type [For eg: Bank statements/ Cancelled cheque/ Pass book, etc]

  10. Challans Details: Self-Assessment Tax & Advance Tax payment (if any)

  11. IT Notice: If filing a revised return or a return in response to a department notice - details of original return and notice 

  12. Pension Income: Pension Statements (if any)

  13. Donation Receipts (if any)